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Timmy Bourke Design is a digital design agency specializing in web design and branding.


Our unique focus on designing websites that maximize conversions (leads) significantly increases the value of each website or redesign we deliver.

This is tied in with our beautiful design styles making our clients websites stand out from the crown.


Timmy Bourke Design projects begin with a meet and greet that is held vis skype these days that includes interviews, business assessment, competitive analysis, and goal setting. This process then paves the way for your business website and digital strategy.

The foundations laid and information collated initially is what makes the next stages so successful. They form the basis for your site design.

Each site and each client is different, this true, however, we like to give you an initial pricing list for planning and budget for your project.

These are the most common pricing layouts that Timmy Bourke Design clients take.

Our most common solution is a fully designed and thought out WordPress solution.

This website involves an intensive design process that seeks to create a unique UX Strategy which aims to maximise your business lead generations.

We collaborate with your team to create mood boards, style guides, and design rules for your website.

From that process, our designers and developers will create a custom WordPress website, integrate appropriating analysis and optimizing plugins. Culminating in a beautifully designed and efficiently built robust website that compliments your business.

Typical Investment: $10,000+



For smaller businesses and budgets, Timmy Bourke Design offers a semi-custom WordPress or Wix built site.

Our semi-custom design still includes all the value-creating discovery and strategy phases and our exceptional WordPress development practices – delivering a rock-solid, lead generation-ready marketing platform.

Generally, we will stick to the basic elements of the Salient Wordpress theme with a system of standardised pages and templates.


Once we have selected and licensed one of these pre-made themes we will still customize this theme with your content, colours, branding, images as well as configure and implement all necessary plugins to give you all the robust features your theme offers.

In the end, your website will be unique to you and your marketplace, despite the significant cost-savings.

Typical Investment: $5,000-7,500



Most of our clients host their website with Timmy Bourke Design, retain us for ongoing service, maintenance, design work and ad hoc technical support. We offer these critical support services at incredibly affordable rates to ensure your website is always operating at peak performance.

Web hosting:



This includes premium hosting on Any of our hosting platforms and monthly WordPress, plugins, and performing maintenance.

Technical support:


We are available on-demand to support your team in making minor changes, adding new plugins, fixing mistakes or errors, and optimizing your website post-launch.

New design and/or development:



If you want to make iterations to your design or features on your website, we’re always willing to scope and create a statement of work to realize any future visions you have for your website.

If the post-launch maintenance service

or any of our website offers interest you get in contact today!